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Asphalt Pavers in Chattanooga, TN

Since 1997, the asphalt pavers from Spears-Hopkins have been paving East Tennessee, North Georgia and Alabama area. The business has played a significant role in the construction of neighborhoods, roads and major shopping centers in East Tennessee.

Starting out with a pick-up truck and paint striper. Spears-Hopkins Paving Company was formed. Thomas Hopkins and Wick Spears spent the next few years building relationships with general contractors and management companies, providing asphalt maintenance services. As the maintenance continued to grow, the company moved into the grading and asphalt paving market. The company began acquiring large equipment and put together a strong team of employees. With continued growth, the next decade was busy for our paving contractors with asphalt paving for Home Depot, Ogletree Road, City Green North Shore, Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport, TDOT offices, 18th Street Cleveland, Waterside, CarMax and various developments.

We're proud of our company and the projects we've built. We look forward to the future and our continued growth.Spears - Hopkins Paving Co - 4235098538
We are Chattanooga, TN's most trusted paving contractors.
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